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Engine Oil Flush Benefits

Engine Oil Flush Benefits

"Engine oil flush" or "Performance Oil Change" describes a process where a service technician adds chemicals to the oil so that built-up carbon deposits are cleaned out of narrow oil passages, valves and combustion chambers.  The dirty oil and chemicals are then flushed out of the system and replaced with clean oil.  Performing an engine oil flush is especially beneficial when large amounts of sludge and deposits build up in the oil system, which can clog oil passages and potentially lead to serious engine problems, when the many moving parts in the engine get gummed up.  An engine oil flush can restore fuel efficiency and power to your engine, as well as save on wear and tear by keeping all the parts in your engine moving as they should.  A performance oil change / engine oil flush service may be a good idea when there have been long intervals between oil changes, when you purchase an older vehicle and you don ... read more