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Pothole Damage

Pothole Damage

Pothole damage is hard to avoid when potholes are popping up in the pavement faster than the early crocus flowers. Unfortunately, potholes are everywhere and avoiding all of them is impossible. Many potholes are created when constant freezing and thawing of water under the pavement weakens the road and causes large fissures. These fissures, when coupled with the pressure of vehicles driving over, eventually turn into potholes.  Freezing winter weather can often lead to potholes, due to the role freezing can play in pothole formation.

DJ Foreign Auto Care, which repairs many vehicles with pothole damage each spring, offers the following tips on avoiding potholes and fixing the pothole damage.

  • Properly inflated tires hold up better against potholes than tires that have too much or too little air.
  • If you can't avoid a pothole, try to slow down before you hit it. However, don’t brake directly over a pothole, this can lead to even more pothole damage.
  • Hold your steering wheel firmly when driving over a pothole, this prevents you from losing control of your vehicle.
  • Be wary of puddles of water; they may be potholes in hiding.

Some potholes may affect your car the same way a 35-mph car crash can!

In addition to causing anatomical damage to the tire, potholes may cause further damage to your tires if they are improperly inflated. Potholes may also cause alignment, suspension or steering problems.

Here are a few symptoms of pothole damage:

  • Bulges or blisters on the tire sidewalls.
  • Wheel rim dents.
  • Undercarriage damage, including fluid leaks and wear that could lead to rust.
  • Odd noise coming from the exhaust due to dents or leaks.
  • The car pulling toward the left or right, instead of straight,  indicating an alignment problem.
  • Uneven tire wear, which could designate an alignment problem.
  • If you notice any of these symptoms, bring your car to us at DJ Foreign Auto Care.

DJ Foreign Auto Care offers these services:

  • Alignment check and service
  • Tire rotation and balance
  • Tire repair or replacement
  • Vehicle inspection

If your vehicle has pothole damage, contact the professionals at DJ Foreign Auto Care. We are located at: 2626 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418. Call today to get on the schedule: 612-567-5908.


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