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Headlight Maintenance

Headlight Maintenance

Headlight maintenance may not be the first thing that comes to mind of when you think of maintaining your car, but your car's lights are very important for your safety. Headlights and tail lights illuminate the road for the driver and make the vehicle visible to other drivers on the road. As well as being an important safety feature, keeping on top of your headlight maintenance can help you avoid getting pulled over and getting a ticket! Drivers should start to perform headlight maintenance by checking that all their lights are working, including low beams and high beams, and also by checking the lenses for fogginess or yellowing. Over time the plastic lenses can cloud over and become foggy, due to abrasive dirt and grime. Cloudy lenses should be replaced or a headlight restoration product can be used to clean, polish and restore the existing lenses. Headlights need to be checked regularly and aimed correctly by professional mechanics, to make sure the driver can safely see the ro ... read more


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