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Fuel Pump Replacement

Fuel Pump Replacement

  Fuel pump replacement is a necessary part of your car's maintenance.  A fuel pump transfers fuel from your tank to your engine. It supplies the fuel at a constant pressure to ensure that the engine is running smoothly. Mechanical or electronic fuel pumps are standard in your vehicle.   A mechanical pump has a diaphragm mounted on the outside of the fuel tank that expands and contracts, creating a vacuum system that expels fuel out of the gas tank and into the engine. Electronic pumps use an electromagnetic motor inside the fuel tank that forces fuel into the engine at a high pressure. Cars with carburetors contain mechanical pumps while vehicles with fuel injection systems have electric pumps.   The motion of the engine directly drives a mechanical pump. Since mechanical pumps contain few moving parts, they tend to be reliable and easy to diagnose and fix. The most common problems with mechanical pumps occur when the diaphragm is damaged in some way, whic ... read more


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