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Common Electric Car Problems



Electric vehicles are now becoming the future of the automotive industry.  From their easy to use interfaces to their sleek designs, these cars have solidified their place in history & have shown that they are here to stay.  But along with the advantages of being more energy efficient and better for the climate, there are some problems that can come with owning an electric car, which is why in this article we will show you how to identify some common electrical car problems you may run into when driving your electric vehicle.

Battery Degradation & Why It Happens

Battery Degradation refers to the common occurrence of electrical car batteries diminishing over time affecting performance, range, and the longevity of the vehicle. This is a common electric car problem many Tesla, BMW iX, and Mercedes-Benz EQS owners eventually face driving an electric vehicle. The problem is caused due to the prolonged use of an electrical car over a certain period of time, causing the vehicle to not work as effectively as once intended. This issue can be identified by examining the amount of times needed to charge & discharge the battery, the environmental factors the car may be subjected too, as well as your driving habits & examining the amount of energy that can be stored in your battery now vs when you got the car.

The problem can be solved by consulting your reputable auto repair shop and requesting a BatteryDiagnosis & Replacement, or by preventing the issue from happening at all. This can be achieved by limiting your charge to 80%, keeping your car at the right temperature, and restricting DC fast charging.

Overheating Motors & How To Prevent It

Overheating motors are a staple of the electrotonic vehicle experience-- whether you like it or not coming across this common electric car problem is more usual than you may think. The problem may be caused by a variety of factors, such as a poor environment, an unsuitable motor, unstable coolant levels, damaged hoses, and etc. Due to the sheer amount of possible causes the problem may be affected by, it is heavily recommended you talk to a professional to request an Electric Motor Inspection & Repairin order for an exact diagnosis & treatmentThe problem may also be entirely prevented through checking coolant/antifreeze levels regularly, charging the EV properly, upgrading the coolant system, and many more techniques which are highly suggested to keep your vehicle in shape. 

Brake Problems With Electric Cars

Brake Problems are something every vehicle owner has dealt with one way or another in their life-time of owning an automobile. But in regards to electric cars, there are more complex steps to diagnosing & fixing the problem at hand-- whatever that common electric car problem may be. Common examples of problems that could be affecting your cars brakes may regard wiring issues, Low battery voltage, a parking brake malfunction, or etc. Troubleshooting the problem by removing the wheel & examining the problem for yourself may be tempting-- but again-- consulting with a shop such as DJ Foreign Auto Care & setting up a Brake Service appointment is always the safest option when it comes to dealing with electric cars. Preventing this issue from happening in the first place involves maintaining your brakes quality-- meaning carefully inspecting your vehicles brakes & removing any debris or substances like rain or dirt that may cause damage in the long run.


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