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Summer Road Trip Prep

Summer is here, meaning it's time to experience new things, make memories, and hit the road with your family & friends. One thing many people do not consider when they are making their travel plans, is the need to do summer road trip prep for their vehicle.  More often than not, many drivers underestimate the importance of getting your car checked out by a technician before an important trip or family vacation, leading to problems such as a broken down car on the road, coolant problems, a malfunctioning engine, to name a few. That's why getting your vehicle looked at before any big summer vacation plans is essential to keeping you and your vehicle safe.

Step 1: What You Can Do

Before bringing your car into an auto shop, simple maintenance checks can give you a rough idea of your vehicles condition, examples being: checking your Air filters (Cabin & Engine), brake lights, fluids (transmission, power steering, brake, windshield wiper) or anything easily noticeable in your car and its functionality. Although, contacting an auto shop is still highly recommended due to the fact that Technicians can provide a comprehensive overview of your vehicle, including exact estimated prices, and complex work that would be difficult to diagnose without the proper software & tools. That's why finding a reliable auto shop such as DJ Foreign Auto Care in Minneapolis, MN can help expedite the repair process and get you back on the road for summer vacation. 

Step 2: What Your Auto Shop Does

Once your car finally arrives at an auto shop-- technicians will run an inspection on all your vehicles vitals, as well as any body work that may need to be done (depending on what shop your car is in). This means checking the functionality of every part in your vehicle, including brake performance, tires, steering, lighting, and etc. By doing this, Technicians will find any issues that may be interfering with the longevity, or performance of your car, giving you a greater understanding of all the necessary repairs that need to be done on your vehicle, and allowing you to decide what repairs you'd like to invest in.

Step 3: Moving Forward

After getting a full inspection & fixing necessary repairs, it's now time to take your car out on the road for an unforgettable summer vacation. Remember to plan your rest stops, get proper sleep, pack a first aid kit, as well as any necessary materials for your car or person during your relaxing summer break. Making sure you are truly road trip car prepped for the summer and willing to take on any obstacle in your way . 

It is important to address any issues you are experiencing with your European Car right away, since waiting to get your vehicle fixed will most likely cause additional issues, costing you even more money in the long run. Make an online appointment at DJ Foreign Auto Care or give us a call at: 612-567-5908 if you’re having problems with your European car. We’d be happy to service your vehicle and perform all necessary services or repairs.