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Car Exhaust Smells

Car Exhaust Smells

Car exhaust smells can be caused by many different things. The exhaust port is an essential part of your car, as it neutralizes the harmful fumes that are produced by the engine. The smells coming from the back end can vary; including odors such as rotten eggs, sickly sweet scents, or smell of un-burnt fuel. These are all signs that something may be wrong, it is essential to bring your car into a shop such as ours. DJ Foreign Auto Care can diagnose these car smells and help fix significant problems in the exhaust or engine. Rotten Eggs A rotten egg smell is due to a chemical compound called hydrogen sulfide. It comes from the small amount of sulfur that is present in the fuel. Usually, the sulfur in the fuel converts to sulfur dioxide, which has no odor. When a catalytic conve ... read more