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Transmission Failure Warning Signs

Transmission Failure Warning Signs

Transmission Failure Warning Signs:Fluid Leaks Transmission failure can be caused by leaking transmission fluid. A little liquid on your driveway can swiftly turn into an immense car predicament. Transmission fluid is vital to your car’s shifting capabilities. It is bright red and sweet smelling. Unlike motor oil, your transmission does not absorb or burn up fluid during use, so if you notice your fluid is running low, it is usually caused by a leak. Keeping an eye on your transmission fluid level is an excellent way to stay on top of this issue. Common causes for a transmission fluid leak are: -A loose transmission pan/pan leak -Any recent service or part replacement that involves disconnecting cooler lines -Out of balance drive shaft -Worn seals or gaskets -Damaged bell housings -Worn axles (FWD), engine and transmission mounts Warning Light Activates Cars in modern times have sensors meant to pick up and trigger your vehic ... read more