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Road Trip Inspection

Road Trip Inspection

The arrival of winter in Minnesota always stirs up a longing for adventure (or warmer destinations). After a few months cooped up inside and navigating icy roads, blue skies and sunny weather are reason enough to pack up your car and hit the road. However, your best planning will be ruined if you cannot rely on your car. A malfunction on your everyday commute is one thing, but could you imagine your car leaving you stranded miles outside your hometown? Car care is essential year-round, but especially before a road trip, so complete this road trip inspection before becoming a horror movie cliché. Neglecting to do a quick mechanical once-over (even on newer cars) before hitting the road is asking to be stranded. We are not talking about rebuilding the cylinder head or performing a line-bore on the crankshaft mains. We are merely stating a few reminders that may slip your mental checklist in a rush to get bags packed, and the children prepared. Fluids Fluids are ... read more


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