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Sprinter Van Common Problems

Sprinter Van Common Problems


Sprinter van common problems can be frustrating to deal with, especially if your Sprinter van is a work vehicle and you are not able to make deliveries or do other work if your Sprinter is out of service.  At DJ Foreign Auto Care in Minneapolis, MN, we fix Sprinter van common problems all the time, whether your Sprinter van is a Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner or Dodge, you can count on us to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to keep your investment in good condition. Here are some of the Sprinter van common problems that we see in our shop:


The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) catches and stores exhaust particles and other contaminants to prevent black smoke emissions from coming out of the Sprinter’s tailpipe. Particles can clog the DPF and stop the exhaust flow. If the exhaust is not exiting the engine, you’ll end up with performance issues and possibly a total shutdown.  This is a Sprinter van common problem that we see frequently.


DEF issues are another of the Sprinter van common problems that we deal with.  Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a solution used to reduce pollution in diesel engines.  A check engine light on may be caused by failure of the DEF heater, which works with the DEF/AdBlue tank.  The DEF/AdBlue tank can freeze in cold temperatures when the DEF heater stops working.  The DEF/AdBlue system can also cause a startup countdown prematurely. This is how many times you can start the Sprinter’s engine again. Once the countdown reaches zero, you won’t be able to start the van. Faulty DEF and NOX sensors also cause this problem.


Sprinter diesel vans use glow plugs instead of spark plugs to fire up the engine. These plugs can wear down and break over time. Some symptoms of faulty glow plugs are a misfiring engine, reduced engine performance and poor fuel efficiency as well as black smoke coming from the exhaust.  


Another Sprinter van common problem is oil leaks, especially coming from the oil cooler. Often replacing the oil cooler gasket can solve the problem, but it is important to have oil cooler leaks repaired right away, since oil seeps out of the gasket and onto the engine’s cooler seals.


If a Sprinter van's fuel injector is cracked or broken from wear or damage, fuel will begin to leak out of it.  Typically the leak comes from the fuel injector seal, which will deteriorate over time.  Other Sprinter van common problems with fuel injectors are when there is a mechanical failure or when they become clogged or dirty,

It is important to address any issues you are experiencing with your Sprinter right away, since the longer you wait to get the vehicle fixed, the more likely additional issues will arise, costing you even more money in the long run.  Make an online appointment at  DJ Foreign Auto Care or give us a call at: 612-567-5908 if you’re having problems with your Sprinter van. We’d be happy to service your Sprinter and perform all necessary services or repairs.